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Friends and Cattlemen:

Welcome to our 15th ''Prime Cut on the Hoof'' Sale. As we finish up the sale book, we are in a winter storm watch which leaves us in a catch-22 situation. While we would be thankful for any moisture we receive, being in the heart of our calving makes for some anxious times for the next couple of days although whatever comes our way we know that the good Lord won't give us more than we can endure. But sometimes it feels that as a rancher we can be pushed to our limit for sure!

We consider it a privilege to produce Angus seedstock for our customers and friends. We thank you for your faith in purchasing and using L BAR L Angus bulls and females. Your satisfaction and profitability is important to us and our operation. We are excited about the offering we have selected for you and feel the genetics will work in many different types of programs.

This year, we are excited about some of the new sires that we are using. These bulls are out of the industry's proven leading sires. We strive to use bulls that are well balanced for maternal, growth and carcass performance. Take a look at our herd reference sire pages. We would be glad to discuss them with you.

We are very pleased with this year's calf crop. These bulls are stout, full of red meat and ready to work for you. None of our calves are creep fed; while we may not have the big weaning weights, we feel it is a true measure of a cow's performance. These bulls' progeny should prove that Angus cattle can still perform efficiently and effectively, protecting your bottom line. One of our goals as seedstock producers is to continue to improve and provide cattle that will go out and work for our customers and stay functional as long as you own them. At this time, we are very pleased with the cattle and hope they meet your approval.

As you look through the sale book, you will also find many bulls with excellent calving-ease potential. The recommendations on these bulls are based on our data and experience. Always remember that half of the calf's genetics come from each parent. Both the commercial and registered heifers selling are out of the heart of our cow herd. Many are out of Pathfinder Dams; they are very feminine and should make first rate cows.

We invite you to our place anytime you are in the area. We also invite your inspection of this exceptional set of cattle and to enjoy a complimentary lunch with us Thursday, March 28, 2013 at Imperial Auction Market starting at 11 A.M. (MDT). If for some reason you cannot make it, our sale will be on DV Auction.

In closing, we greatly appreciate your support of our program. One of the true highlights of this business is the friendships that have developed over the years.



Todd & Donalyn Hasenauer & Family



15th Annual ''Prime Cut on the Hoof Sale'' - March 28, 2013


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